How To Boost Ecommerce Sales Using Instagram

If you are running an eCommerce business, you’re probably aware of the power and popularity of Instagram shopping. Continue reading to learn how Instagram videos can boost your eCommerce sales Despite its growing popularity, Instagram nonetheless counts 1.16 billion active users, and it is expected to remain the fastest-growing social media platform with highly engaged users. 

The popularity of Instagram has changed the shopping habits of consumers rapidly. It is through Instagram, a visual-sharing site, that customers can discover and research new products. According to Instagram statistics, 83% of users discover new products or services within the app. In today’s competitive social media environment, eCommerce businesses must demonstrate their creativity in order to stand out from the crowd. Thanks to Instagram, the solution to this problem is simple yet effective: videos can help drive online sales through the use of Instagram. With the increasing competition on the platform, it would be more ideal if you buy Instagram auto likes for your Instagram videos to maximize engagement rates in a short span of time.

 Exhibit a variety of products 

The ability to show off a variety of your products with Instagram videos is a great idea for any model, whether you’re in the fashion, cosmetic, or athleisure industry. It will help you attract new customers, and make sure those clients remain loyal to your brand. 72% of customers prefer to learn about products via video. 

Videos provide more information about your goods during different stages of awareness, regardless of whether potential customers know anything about your company, or trust it.  The different Instagram video formats, such as Stories, videos, reels, and long-form IGTV videos, will be advantageous for showcasing products with videos. The result is that businesses of all sizes can produce product videos that will fit their marketing budget. Sound is an essential factor in determining how people will feel about watching a video, so it is advisable to add relevant royalty-free audio clips to your Instagram video in order to enhance the visual appeal.

Introduce a new product

For eCommerce businesses, planning your launch is important, but you should also promote your launch to ensure that it is a success. Your new product will acquire more potential customers the more people know about it. It is possible to announce a product launch through Instagram videos as another way to drive eCommerce sales. 

You should consider creating short Instagram Stories to encourage your viewers to save the date and create a sense of urgency. A reminder can also be added to your Story so interested parties will be notified when your product is available.

Organize a Q&A session with niche experts

In order to soothe the nervous minds of potential customers and attract their attention, it would be a good idea to arrange a Q&A session with niche experts who can answer all their questions in real-time. IGTV now allows you to save Live videos. Consequently, even if your customers miss the Live session, you can always re-share the content or post a story inviting them to view the recorded version to find out more about the product. Your viewers should be informed in advance about your online event by creating an Instagram post that contains all the information about it. The following guidelines can help you prepare for your Q&A session:

Obtain questions from your target audience about the product

Seek the expertise of a relevant expert who can best represent your business

Your FAQ page could be repurposed for live streaming

Announcing your live stream in advance

Employ a social media moderator who will manage all questions during the live broadcast


Shopping on Instagram is booming, so the platform has become one of the most important marketing tools for eCommerce companies looking to boost sales. By promoting your business through Instagram videos, you may be able to gain a competitive edge as social media users crave video content from brands they follow.

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